21 Reasons Why You Should Visit India

Only a few destinations in the world can leave an eternal mark on the travelers, one of which is India. The tropical climate, scrumptious food, world heritage monuments, vibrant culture and peaceful nature are some of the long list of reasons to visit India. This article will talk about 21 reasons to why travel in India.

1. People
As per the Indian tradition; the guest is the God. Hospitality is undeniable here. In locations where commercial hotels do not exist, locals are ready to open their houses for a tourist, share their customary meal and guide them en-route to their next destination. You can see children playing in the streets; you can talk with them without any hesitancy.

2. World Wonder
Though there are a lot of eye-catching monuments in the country, people visit India for the main reason to visit ‘Taj Mahal’. Taj Mahal is a marble mausoleum constructed by Shah Jahan, a Mughal ruler in reminiscence of his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal. It is a majestic monument with marble inlay works. The mortal remains of the king and the queen remains within this monument. Wordings of Quran are adorned on the walls of this monument. A visit to this world wonder is indeed a treat.

3. Food
Yes, Indian cuisine can be a little spicy. But, this should not stop you from savoring the Hyderabadi Biryani, Punjab’s Butter Chicken & Sarso Ka Saag, Rajasthan’s Daal Bhati Churma, Tirunelveli Halwa, Ladakh’s Yak Cheese, Mumbai’s Pani Puri and others. The cuisine of India is very distinctive because of their perfect palate of ingredients like coconut, variety of sea food, rice, spices and lots more. No matter whether you are a vegetarian or non-vegetarian, there will be an ample of delicacies to suit your taste buds.

4. The River that opens the ‘Door of Heaven’
When civilization began in India; the population flourished on the banks of Indus and Ganges. Thus, people have considered river as a God. Ganges is beyond that, since it has been considered as the holy river in Hinduism. People run the ashes of dead in this river as it believed to be a ‘Pathway to Heaven’.

Ganges runs through Varanasi and is a holy city for Hindus. There are several ghats in the city where people can walk towards the river. Each ghat has a distinctive power. A ghat can curse leprosy; a ghat is for washing sins and so on. This is why you should visit India to experience the mystic.

5. Royal Safari and Dinner on Desert Sand
Rajasthan is a vibrant state. This is the state where you can witness hill stations as well as desert. There are numerous forts and other tourist attractions in Rajasthan. The main attraction that attracts tourism from worldwide is the Desert Safari. On a camel, tourists can enjoy the desert as it walks through the sands. You can also take delight in a moonlit dinner on the desert sand during cool nights.

6. Hollywood Style Beaches
You would have seen seashores in posters and romantic movies. Are you all set to revel in such a vacation? You need not go to Bahamas for this. You need to visit Andaman and Nicobar Islands. There are several beaches with warm white sand, exotic turquoise water and warm lagoons. You can also find all types of water related sport activities here.

7. Las Vegas of East
Goa is a place where gambling is permitted. You can take delight in a luxurious vacation in a cruise casino or simply enjoy the relaxing beaches in Goa. You can find a lot of lively beaches and also isolated ones where you can have some romantic time. If you are making a visit to Goa, take some time off from beaches and casino and, try the cashew wine and a walk through the spice plantation.

8. Mumbai Train and Chaos
The chaos is a great thing for photographers. The jam-packed streets, crammed roads and fast work pace are very common. The most highlighted activity is for those who want a squeeze of adventure out there. Travelling in the Mumbai electric train during the peak hour is definitely thriller-styled activity. If you really want to enjoy the train ride without much rush, then you can hop into afternoon trains.

9. Adventure Guaranteed
Name any adventure activity on your bucket-list and you would find it here. Night river safari, paragliding, bungee jumping, snorkelling, scuba diving and several other adventure activities can be enjoyed in India. Top places to visit to experience adventure-filled vacation are Ladakh, Andaman, Goa, Mumbai and many others.

10. Religious Structures
India is a secular country. You can find almost all religions flourishing here in harmony. You will find ancient temples, British & Portuguese era Churches, Mosques of Mughal dynasties, the Golden Temple of Sikhs, monolith statue of Gautam Buddha and many unique Temples here. Are you aware that there is also a temple that is dedicated to a motorbike in India? Well, it’s only in India where fascination and mysteries unfold together. Do not miss it.

11. History
Did you know that India has 36 heritage sites in it? This gives a prime reason to why travel in India.

India was the home to one of the ancient civilizations of mankind. You can find different cultures and it was reined by several rulers. Every ruler contributed in building many monuments for the sake of highlighting the beauty of his reign. Though a few were destroyed during battles and some owing to natural calamities; you can find a lot of remarkable historic elements like regal forts, religious temples, ancient ruins, watch tower and lots more.

12. Festivals
There are a number of unique and exciting festivals in the country. Each state has its own traditional festival. Kerala’s Onam would display Snake boat race, Kathakali dance performance and Flower decorations. Tamil Nadu’s Pongal is well-known for the bull fight. North India’s Holi is a festival of splashing colors. You can enjoy fireworks on Diwali across India. Thousands of people march towards Arabian Sea to melt their idols of ‘Elephant God’ on Ganesh Chaturthi in Mumbai and so on. Every festival is vibrant and you can even join in their celebrations.

13. Yoga
Rishikesh, Dharamasala and Kerala are the top places for Yoga and spiritual learning. There are a number of ashrams where you can have a retreat and learn the discipline of Yoga. Peace and de-stressing are very simple task here. Many tourists and significant figures have visited India to attain spiritual enlightenment through Yoga and Meditation.

14. Ayurvedic Treatment
Kerala has many mesmerizing hills where exotic and unusual types of herbs are grown owing to rainfall and seamless climate. These herbs can effectively cure chronic problems like muscle problems, arthritis, pain, hairfall and even mental illness.

Ayurveda cannot assure instant relief but it does have a long-term health benefits. The herbs used in massages can help you cure the disease ultimately without any possible side effect. Kerala is the only hub where you can find Ayurvedic massages by reliable masters.

15. Shopping
There are number of best shopping centres in India, making it one of the top reasons to visit India. There are flea markets, multi- million dollar malls, designer stores, street shopping, market on boats and lots more for every budget. You can shop jewellery, dresses, handicrafts, antiques, delicious food items and much more here. You should be good with bargaining skills to get a good deal with the street shop owners.

16. Snow Activities
Though India is known as a tropical country with hot and humid climate, a number of North Indian destinations do experience good snowfall. Darjeeling, Ladakh, Shimla and many others are known as winter paradises. You can enjoy many snow related activities here.

17.Wildlife Safari
There are a number of national parks in this country. The best part of each national park is the amazing wildlife safari. There are various types of safari such as elephant safari, jeep safari and walking safari to name a few.You can spot a lot of fascinating wild animals like Bengal Tigers, Asiatic Lions, Sloth Bear, Leopard and others. If you are planning a visit in the summer season, you can find animals with their little cubs. You can also take delight in the boat safari so as to enjoy some bird sanctuaries.

18. World’s highest Motorable Mountain Passes
Mountain passes are the roads that are constructed by men to travel to and fro with neighboring countries. These routes have a beautiful setting of glaciers, lakes, Himalayan range and other breath-taking mountains. These passes are today used by worldwide adventure riders to cross these mountain passes with the help of motorbike. The world’s highest three mountain passes are only found in the region of Ladakh, India. A lot of adventure tourists and photographers from several parts of the world visit India to experience this

19. Climbing or Seeing Mount Everest
Mount Everest is considered as the highest peak in the world. One of the nearby regions to Himalayas and Mount Everest is India. You can either trek from Leh or other parts of India in the direction of Everest or, take any tourist airplane that will take you directly to Mount Everest. Even if you are not up for the Everest, there are a number of peaks around the Everest which fascinates a lot of top mountaineers.

20. Monasteries
Monasteries of Tibetan and Buddhist culture are found plentiful in India. The finest part of these monasteries is the hospitality. The background of these monasteries would be breathtaking peaks with glaciers and mountain ranges. This makes the monasteries even more attractive. A number of people visit these monasteries for their architecture, history and for excitement.

21. Backwaters and Cruise
Kerala has a lot of advantages that answers to why you should visit India. The main of all is its collection of backwaters. It looks like a tropical Venice. The backwater of Alappuzha is renowned for the house boats, cruise and simple backwater rides. Majority people visit Kerala during winter season for the backwater ride and the Ayurvedic massages.

India is a treat to the senses with its cacophony of sounds and vibrant colours.

The country leaves an eternal impression in the hearts of the travellers from all around the world, due to its diverse culture and traditions. There are many reasons to visit India. Great hospitality being the primary reason to visit the country. Other reasons include- World Wonder-Taj Mahal, delicious food and variety of cuisines, desert safari in Rajasthan, serene beaches of Goa, all adventure activities like- paragliding, bungee jumping, snorkelling, scuba diving, etc., all religious structures, 36 heritage sites, celebration of unique festivals, yoga and spiritual learning, Ayurvedic treatment, snow activities, wildlife safaris, backwaters in Kerala and Ganges River that opens the door of heaven. A trip to India will be an adventure of lifetime.