25 Cheap International Destinations For Indian Passport Holder

If you’ve always thought that travelling out of India is an expensive affair and that you would have to economize and save to get an international escape, we’re going to crush your misconceptions. Some decent amount of research, advance planning and a few tricks & tips is all you require is to get going. Read on to the encourage backpacker in you and set off to these kickass cheap international destinations to travel at a shoestring budget.

1. Bhutan
Known as the ‘Land of Thunder Dragon’ and ‘Druk Yul’, Bhutan is a kaleidoscopic tourist destination well-known for its beauty and natural wonders. Indian tourists can easily travel here without passport documentation. You can see interesting monasteries, fortresses and spectacular landscapes that vary from subtropical plains to steep valleys and mountains. Moreover, this country measures the growth with a theory of Gross National Happiness giving you yet another reason to visit this place whose motto is to keep the people happy rather than keeping the economy high.

2. Nepal
Nestled peacefully amidst the great Himalayas, Nepal is a breathtaking country of snow peaks and streams, yaks and yetis, monasteries and magical bliss. The country endows with the calm atmosphere for anyone who seeks to take a pause from the chaos of the city life, and for the adventure junkies it is an ideal location to experience an adrenaline rush – and all without getting over the budget. Nepal is one of the cheapest countries to visit from India!

3. Malaysia
Sharing international borders with Thailand, Indonesia and Brunei, Malaysia is in the equatorial area of the globe for budget trips. Think of Malaysia and you will start to imagine turquoise waters, dramatic beaches and enjoyable climate.With the interesting dishes that has a fusion of Indian, Thai and Malay cuisines; Malaysian food highlights its multi-ethnic gourmet culture. One of the prime tourist hubs in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is the beautiful picturesque destination you’d been looking for and is also one of the cheapest countries to visit from India.

4. Seychelles
Seychelles will entirely fit your requirement if you are searching for cheap international destinations to travel including flights. Situated amidst the sparkling Indian Ocean, this African nation is fundamentally an archipelago shaped by over 100 islands. Famous for its endless natural beauty and seamless range of beaches, it is a perfect place to spend time with your family or better half.

5. South Korea
South Korea is another cheapest place to travel. It will astound you with its lush green and hilly countryside, embraced with cherry trees, along with the ancient Buddhist temples. The blend of coastal fishing villages, sub-tropical islands and top-notch cities including its capital Seoul, together will make it an amazing holiday experience.

6. Paraguay
A less famous country in the South American continent, Paraguay is what every explorer dreams of. To endow you with the exact vibes of an offbeat vacation, this place possess a mix of contemporary and modern living styles – a place where you’ll witness carts and Mercedez parked together. That’s right! With a sub-tropical forest area like Atlantic in one corner and thick vegetation in Chaco on the other, you just can’t go wrong with this beautiful place!

7. Singapore
Yet one of the cheapest places to visit when you have a time constraint and a tight budget is Singapore. The plush city has much more than just the big fashion labels at Orchard Street. Seep in the culture at Chinatown Heritage Centre, or simply take an exciting cruise on the Singapore River. Make a visit to the Singapore Zoo, which is one of the finest in Asia, and also ensure you don’t skip the Night Safari. Enjoy an evening at the Marina Bay area. Indulge in the many dining options by the river at Clarke Quay. Plan your vacation prior for cheap flight bookings and reserve your hotel stay in advance too, and make Singapore on top of your bucket list for budget international trips.

8. United Arab Emirates
Surprised that it made our list of the best cheapest countries to visit from India? Guess what? It takes a while for a tourist to see beyond the layers of plush glamour that Dubai seems to have become identical with. But when you do, you’ll realize that there is so much you can enjoy in this incredible city. A long walk around the ancient Bastakiya district is a must do for history afficiandos. Whether or not you seek to make a purchase, you must definitely visit the Deira Gold Souk and Dubai Mall just for the fantastic experience. Have a desert safari and do some dune bashing. Or simply be a tourist and visit the Burj Khalifa and other famous skyscrapers, if only for the grand sights.

9. Thailand
Thailand is the most famous international destination for cheap travel and is the 20th most populous country in the world. Right from clubbing, diving into turquoise watered beaches, enjoying on cheap street food, the busy markets where you can avail anything that interests you, the night skyline view, the relaxing spas to calm down your senses and last but not the least the polite people of Thailand. Some of the few areas that you must visit include Bangkok for its thrilling city parties, Pattaya for its great nightlife, Chiang Rai for activities like mountain trekking, Koh Samui and Krabi for the wonderful pristine beaches.

10. Hong Kong
Hong Kong is one more Asian country, a budget travel hunter can take a trip to. Also called as ‘The Pearl of the Orient’, Honk Kong will excite you with the amazing skylines, great hillsides, pristine religious sites, lush green parks, markets for all the bargain maniacs, serene islands and the unbelievable views of the cities will make you visit this place habitually. The street markets of Hong Kong will gratify your budget requisites to an unthinkable extent.

11. Indonesia
The raw beauty of Indonesia makes it the tourist attraction among all the passionate travelers seeking for an low-priced adventure. Located between the Indian and the Pacific Oceans, it is world’s biggest island country with clean blue waters, stunning marine lives, and wonderful corals. You can enjoy diving at beaches like Merah beach, Batu Bolong and Tatawa islands and turn your underwater dreams into reality. Reserve your tickets and explore the most isolated beaches that you’ve never ever laid your eyes on.

12. Turkey
Many global destinations in the world will fit into your budget and Turkey is another one of them which displays an Eastern charm. A country surrounded by eight other countries and bounded by three seas, Turkey has a mesmerizing location. Also popularly called as ‘The Land Beneath The Half Moon’, Turkey is a country of many worlds with interesting cultures, sparkling mosques and palaces, old-world cities and scrumptious food that you simply can’t take a pass at! Istanbul, the capital of Turkey is nestled in Asia and the other part lies in Europe. Do visit Turkey for budget international trip.

13. Qatar
Situated in Western Asia and comprised of blue beaches, Qatar has recently opened its doors to tourism. Making a visit to this visa-free country will be like an Arabic fairy tale. It is brimming with ancient art displayed in museums, holy religious places, impressive skylines, sand dunes, top-notch restaurants and lively adventure sports. Some of the must visits in Qatar include the Museum of Islamic Art which has the major collection of Islamic Art, Katara Cultural Village, West Bay, Pearl Qatar, Villagio Mall and Inland sea ( A place where the desert meets the ocean). You can also travel around the deserts and book camping and dune bashing activities for the endless thrill.

14. Kenya
If you are a keen wildlife lover, Africa is the right preference that is rich with countless wild species and heaving of safaris in picturesque settings. This East African country with a shoreline on the Indian Ocean is the only one which will provide you with a innumerable activities in the wild. It has a lot to bestow from a traditional African safari, hot air balloon safari and making a visit to the savannas packed with wildlife to wandering around white sand islands with gleaming blue water. A trip to this impressive wildlife centre should be a must on your to-do list as it’s going to give you infinite opportunities for adventure, exploring, to comforting your senses and first-class beach experience.

15. Jordan
Jordan is the soil of Camel caravans, Ancient king’s highway, Muslim armies, Roman crusaders and Spice traders who left behind extraordinary monuments. Petra of Jordan is a world wonder that you must never miss. It is also an abode to the Dead Sea. It is the gem in the crown of Jordan’s antiques. A ride during sunset all the way through the Wadi Rum, getting drawn to the weathered stone, reddened dunes and desert locations will leave you enthralled.

16. China
China is a charming country with a historic civilization that falls under your budget. Few of the famous places to visit in China are The Great Wall of China, The Temple of Heaven, Wangfujing Place, The Forbidden City and Summer Palace. From strolling in lively streets, shopping and having Chinese succulent meals to having a relaxing walk near the lakes of China and roaming in the well-manicured gardens, you will have the finest of everything.

17. Taiwan
Also known as “Formosa”, Taiwan is nothing but a almost a sweet potato-shaped island nation that’s thickly populated. Beyond the crowded cities, Taiwan is the haven of mountains and lush green forests. You simply cannot miss its lively culture and amusement hub. As the population is subjugated by ethnic Chinese, most festivities are reveled in traditional Chinese culture. To name a few; Ching Ming Festival, the Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, Hungry Ghost Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival are the prime festivals celebrated with huge pomp.

18. Philippines
Philippines is a land of beautiful emerald rice fields, fuming volcanoes, gipsies, graffiti walls, big-eyed tarsiers, wiry water buffaloes and above all easy-going faces. If you’re a beach-bum, then Philippines have 7000 tropical islands that will leave you awestruck. You will find maroon slick of sand on every ocean with big islands and secret lagoons, where divers, sun worshippers and most adventurous can build a tent and spend the wanderlust nights. Palawan is the unofficial zipline capital of the world for kayakers and kiteboarding.

19. Sri Lanka
Did you ever felt the need to fly out of India but abandoned this urge thinking it would cost a huge amount and dumped it in freezer? Well, it’s time to bring this urge out of the freezer and set your feet in to this country dotted with fascinating beaches, attractive villages, historical monuments, beautiful hill stations, lively cities and delightful seafood with places that’ll serve you with both peace and chaos. If you want city life, then Colombo and Negombo are the top choices. If cold weather, tea plantations, and waterfalls hypnotize you, then Nuwara Eliya and Kandy are the destinations you should visit.

20. Vietnam
Situated in Southeast Asia, you will fall upon several amazing things in this gem of a country within your budget. It nestles largest cave of Asia, Halong Bay as well as scenic islands, dense forests and pristine religious places. The marble mountains and green paddy farms cobbled together to sway you into visit this place at least once if you are planning to go light on their wallets. Vietnam is mostly famous for the landscapes that are like lures to the tourists and the locals as well. Add this one to your list or else you’re going to regret it since it’s another lovely location to visit for budget travellers.

21. Egypt
Egypt is one of those countries that must be on your cheap international to travel wish-list for a leisure holiday. Enclosed by the Red Sea to the east and south, it adds a touch of adventure for all the scuba divers. Being the world’s most ancient civilizations, Egypt has some great pyramids and a countless historical monuments. The local markets are among the extraordinary attractions in Egypt for all shoppers out there. The great pyramid of Giza which today is one of the ‘Seven Wonders of the World’ is definitely must-visit in Egypt. This desert land will endow you with a memorable and tranquil Egyptian time.

22. Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan is the 9th largest country in the world. It is surrounded by the countries of Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. This country has so much to endow you with that the list doesn’t end. Not only is there a remarkable diversity with looming, white-capped peaks mounting in splendid succession, swiftly being swapped for the never-ending desert plains drawing out to the edge of the horizon, but there is also true distinctiveness and often puzzling mystery. It is an abode to one of the largest steppies in the world, called the Kazak Steppe. Astana, the capital city is popular all over the world and home to the third largest mosque in Asia, the Gold Capped ‘Nur Astana’ mosque.

23. Lebanon
Lebanon, one of the oldest countries in the world, is famous for its rich and diversified history, making it a enthralling holiday destination. Ancient Roman ruins, well-sustained castles, limestone caves, notable churches and mosques, stunning beaches nestled in the Mediterranean Sea, world-famous Lebanese cuisine, buzzing nightlife and discothèques as well as hilly ski resorts – there is something for everybody to enjoy here.

24. Cambodia
Cambodia is another Asian country situated in the southern portion of Indo-china Peninsula in Southeast Asia which is an empire of temples. Angkor Wat, the biggest religious building along with Siem Reap is one of the prime attractions of the country. Cambodia endows with a range of other experiences like enticing riverfronts of Phnom Penh, beaches of Sihanoukville, majestic towns of Battambang, never-ending rice fields of Mondulkiri and lush green park areas with old-world structures that will surely consume your mind with serenity.

25. Russia
The historic side of Russia is the one for those seeking for impressive palaces, high-walled fortresses and peaceful churches. Must visit places in Russia are the Moscow and St Petersburg, both of which are the twins of national treasures. Fascinating and historical villages like Pskov and Suzdal, are within easy distance of these cities. Russia simply delivers what you’re searching for, be it a crazy adventure or getting some amazing inspiration from famous artists and writers.

These are few cheap international destinations that will offer you amazing experiences, along with being easy on your pocket and bank balance.

So, break the myth that travelling abroad is expensive by visiting these few cheap international destinations. From the Land of Thunder Dragon-Bhutan to Nepal, from Malaysia to Seychelles, South Korea to Singapore and even offbeat destination like Paraguay, from United Arab Emirates to Qatar, from Thailand and Hong Kong to Indonesia and many other countries like- Turkey, Kenya, Jordan, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Cambodia and Russia, all have impressive culture, history and adventure activities to offer within an affordable budget. In fact, in Bhutan, Indian tourists can also travel without passport documentation. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags now, pick a country of your choice and have time of your life.